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cajan cooler Answered

Hi everyone ., I am racking my brain out with with my latest projectand I dont have a pic of it yet but check this out ,I mounted a30"x30"large4core radiator to my 42" x 42" sop wall fan with a custom built wooden shroud about 10 ft high and ran 1/2" copper tubing down into a chest type deep freezer full of ice with a 5 gallon buckit of anti freeze and a 11 gallon per minute pump in it with about 30ft of 1/2" copper coiled in the bucket ,mounted to the discharge of the pump and circulated through the radiator and back into the freezer into the bucket continuasly then turned on the fan.. I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO KICK ASS Abut it did not and it slowed down the fans output by 50%. What did I do wrong ,DOES ANYONE KNOW.. PLEASE any info will be greatly apreciated ,cause I take whatever I do seriously !! Thanks goldfishpro



Best Answer 6 years ago

I have tried to build ODDBALL CONTRAPTIONS like you are describing. It is very frustrating when your ideas DO NOT WORK. So.... the first thing to do is relax and think about it and don't give up. Do some testing and experimenting. For example you wonder why the air is not flowing fast through the radiator. Maybe you should use a SQUIRREL-CAGE BLOWER rather than a box fan. Maybe you are wondering... maybe the water is flowing TOO QUICKLY through the radiator... I think in car radiators the water turns on and off with the thermostat opening and closing. Remember most radiators work on COOLING a very high temperature down. They are not made to COOL the air while marginally cold water runs through it. But this observation begs the question.... how would you design a radiator differently to do what you want? Bigger fins? No Fins? Slower water flow? Water pumps and stops pumps and stops??? Start asking yourself crazy questions like that to figure it out. Sometimes you might need to think about what you built for several days to get a new idea of something to try. Don't get discouraged by failure. You are not a failure if people laugh at you... you are not a failure if you fail... You are only a failure when you QUIT! You might need to explain what you are trying to build ... before you describe the contraption. Also, for most people they want to see a picture.


6 years ago

Look at an automobile's radiator /fan setup.

You need to put the fan on the other side of the radiator, so air is getting  sucked
through the radiator and blown into the room..
That's how AC units are set up too.

Do a search for "fan shroud design" too. 
It has to be a fairly close fit to the fan blades to work well.
A square shroud may not be as efficient as a round one.


6 years ago

What do you mean the fan's output has slowed. Is it spinning slower or are you getting less airflow? If it's airflow then it's due to the radiator obstructing the flow of air.

In case you didn't know a freezer is not designed for what your doing with it. It's meant to turn on from time to time to maintain temperature in the freezer. But if you are continually cycling warm fluids into it then you could cause the compressor to run way more often then it should, if not constantly. You will drastically reduce the life of the compressor. Especially if it's cycling on so often that it doesn't get a good chance to cool down.