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calculating yardage bench cushions? Answered

I have four slabs of foam about 3" thick,  each: L 32 5/8" X W 14 5/8"  I plan to sew  box-type cushion slip-covers for each.

How much yardage should I buy? I figure I should add about an extra yard for errors?

Any advice in this regard would be greatly appreciated.



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11 years ago

I think the first thing is to figure out what exact pieces you will need for construction.  Assuming you use a 5/8" seam allowance, you'll need the following pieces for one very basic cushion slipcover:

-One 4 1/4"  x 33 7/8" (Front length)
-Two 3" x 33 7/8" (Back opening)
-Two 4 1/4" x 15 7/8" (Sides)
-Two 15 7/8" x 33 7/8" (Top and Bottom)

You will have a lot of "extra" fabric regardless of whether you use 45" or 60" or somewhere in between because you will still want to keep with the grainline which will also retain any direction the fabric pattern might have.  A 45" fabric will leave the least "wasted" fabric.  If you cut absolutely perfectly, you will need 46 1/4" or  ~1.28 yds, but you'll probably want 1.5 yds for cutting.  I hope this all makes sense.

Here's an image (to scale) of what to expect with the fabric open:

11 years ago

Well, assuming that you are using 45" wide fabric with no directional pattern, and you don't want to add any cording along the edges, you will need about 1 1/3 yards per cushion, minimum. This assumes that you can use the width of the fabric as the length of your cushion.
If your fabric is 60" wide you may be able to use fewer yards, depending upon how you lay out the pieces.
If your fabric has a pattern that you want to center on the cushion or that needs to match up across the cushions, you'll need additional yardage to make that happen. And of course, it's always a good idea to have a little extra on hand in case of mishaps....