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can I add a link back to my website in my instructables? Answered

Hey Guys

I was just wondering if it is against the rules to add a link back to my website in my instructable similar to the end of this post?
Also could someone maybe link me to the rules for posting instructables, I couldn't seem to find it! 

Thanks a lot for any and all answers!

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Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

6 years ago


Linking to your site is perfectly fine as long as you are still sharing something with the community. If you were to, say, post an image, and then post a link to your site saying something like, "check out my site for the full details." That isn't something we want to encourage you to post on the site.

You can find the terms of service link at the bottom of the page or here:


Community Support Manager