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can I be able to delete a virus on a computer without formatting the drive? ? Answered

 for example:
the screen saver form of attack that says THIS COMPUTER IS BEING ATTACKED.

I want to know if this can be done without the help of any antispyware aor antivirus.

need response pls 


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11 years ago

Some viruses are very simple programs that just run and are nuisances.  They are easy to remove - end the task, then delete the program.  Look in the windows startup registry folders, and startup start menu folder to make sure it's not auto-running at boot time.  Boot into safe mode to prevent the program from auto-running at system start.

Other pesky viruses are ...pesky.  Beyond being able to manually delete the file, presuming it's not infected everything else in the system - you probably want to just use a free antivirus software.  Malwarebytes antimalware is excellent and has a free version.  Spybot search and destroy, and lavasoft ad-aware are excellent.
AVGFree is 'decent' at virus removal.
I use Avast! free antivirus.  It's 'decent' also...you get what you pay for.

Practice safe surfing!