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can I customize classroom jeopardy Tm ? Answered

I wanted to use it for uses other than classroom use such as teaching young sibblings , training sportsmen , ETC   disclaimer : I respect the rights reververed of classroom jeopardary I respect the fair use, ( I just put tm because they do not have that symbol on my keyboard so I typed tm)



Best Answer 5 years ago

According to this, there is an Upload Games feature to allow other educators to use the game, so beside the fact that you can modify items you own for personal, non-commercial use, it seems you're actually encouraged to create your own questions/answers and share!

Go for it!

michael mulfino

5 months ago

who would I go to for help with issues involving the signal from clickers with classroom jeopardy? We are a non profit and use the program with kids and adults. Sorry if this is not within the parameters of your program. Thanks


5 years ago

As long as you are not selling modified versions or distributing the software (modified or not) then you are fine to change it as you wish.


5 years ago

Nothing is stopping you from hacking the system.