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can I poll the energy from my 25w solar and 12v windgen with a circuit to charge a SLA?? Answered

Building a wingen will put out like 125ma and I have a PV panel puts out like 250ma can I combine the two and charge my 12v sla simultaneously?
I know Ebay has dual PV  and Wind charge controller but any other circuit to do this ?


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10 years ago

hmm, only 375ma from both of them, and you say the solar pannel is 25w. That means it is running at 6.25V which is strange. But still it will charge the battery fine, it will just take quite a long time. In order to prevent damage, you need a charging regulator or you can make a simple one by using a diode and a big capacitor (just to smooth out the voltage and hopefully provide a somewhat even discharge instead of jerky start and stop charging). I would suggest anything from 400-1000uf would be fine.