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can I roast columbian coffee further in a popcorn popper? Answered

my brother bought 8 O'clock coffee in the "columbian" variety. he bought it for my espresso machine. I really prefer dark roast for my coffee. is there a way to take the medium roast columbian coffee and roast it to full dark awesomeness?



9 years ago

Yes, you can. Better yet, you can start with green coffee beans and roast them all the way.  You have never had coffee until you have brewed it 8 hours after the beans were roasted. Look at sweetmarias.com or catesgreencoffee.com Cates has better prices, sweet marias has more selection and a ton of info to get you started.  When you re rost those 8 o clock beans, you are starting out with lower quality beans.  Anyway, you want to load your popper as it's running. Keep adding them almost to the point where they stop spinning around in the chamber.  The best way is to insert a 550 degree thermometer through the plastic top, straight into the beans. I got mine at walmart for 5 bucks. Keep an eye on the temp, you probably won't need any more than 450 for a good dark roast, but experiment, everyone likes it different. As they heat, you may hear them pop a little, this will be the "second crack" as the first was already achieved when the beans were roasted.  You will smell a little smokey coffee shop odor as they heat, that's ok. Try your first batch around 440, then increase in increments of 5 degrees per batch until you like the result. I bet letting them sit a few hours in a loosely closed container will help. When you roast them from green they are better if you let them de-gas over night, this may be the same with re-roasting.   Once you have the roaster set up with the thermomoeter, you may want to try buying green beans as I mentioned above.  If you do, you probably will never buy store coffee again, it's that good.


10 years ago

As beans ? Or as ground coffee ? As beans, yes, but it'll take some experimenting. You need the right kind of vents in the popcorn machine I believe- mine has 'em, but I don't remember what the wrong kind is ! Steve