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can I use a transistor as a audio amplifier? Answered

Recently I decided to make a speaker pair to my computer, and I remembered that I already read in a book that transistors can be used to amplify signals. If I can use it to amplify signals please tell me how.



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Quercus austrina
Quercus austrina

Best Answer 8 years ago

Short answer: yes. You can Google it, but I find that Yahoo! has more pertinent results. http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=simple+transistor+amplifier

I have quite a few sites bookmarked as well. While you are at it, search Instructables for this type of project. There are many out there.

For the first time builder, rickharris is absolutely correct. The ease of building a "chip" amplifier and the assurance of success far outweighs the problems associated with discrete construction. Plus, the cost is much less, unless you already have the necessary parts.



8 years ago

That's what transistors do.

However do to the complexity of building a reasonable transistor amplifier and the number of components used we usually turn to one already built in the form of a audio amplifies Integrated circuit (IC)

Now you could buy a cheap Ipod amplifier and take it apart or

for you needs I guess the LM 386 will do fine

Lots of circuits for using it here

if you have an yother question please ask.