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can anybody ansewer ?s about howto direct wire or bypass the microphone jack on a gaming headset Answered

a friend of mine gave me a afterglow headset that has a plug in mic that is broken. they sell replacement mics for 10 $ a pop but that's not happening here(not cheap just poor!).i need to just bypass the jack and hardwire it directly, an i would be grateful of any help slung my way! the jack on the headset only has 2 wires going to it with 3 contact points the plug on the mic has been bent over so far it came off, where there are what looks like 4 different colored bundles of wire which are paired together in 2 strands! so i kinda need to know how 2 wires(the headset) connect in 3 places to 4 wires(the mic)? my cam aint workin or id supply pics


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