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can i Splice A usb socket extension cable into power cable??? Answered

I have a little sub woofer box and 4  speakers connected to it, it has a line out 3.5 mm headphone jack which i connect my iphone to,
the Subwoofer box has a power cable which plugs into the mains power. This is for work and it does the job just fine.
my question is though i want to put a USB socket in the subwoofer box so i can charge my iphone at the same time via USB.
Can i splice my usb socket extension  cable  into the power cable?? 
The power cable does not have an AC adaptor on the end if it just the plug.
If this cant be done How can i get power to usb.
Thanks in Advance.


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8 years ago


Considering the fact that you want to connect a USB cable to the mains power cable suggests you haven't got a clue about any of this and shouldn't mess with it at all.

USB uses 5VDC. The power supply to the sub is running off mains power (110AC/220VAC). If you don't know the difference between AC and DC you better start reading up on it.

On a side note. If you know what your doing you can use your iPhone's connector to both charge it and send the music directly to the sub. That is if your cable has all 30 wires for the iPod connector or at least the power, data, and audio wires. The cable i used in the project below only had power and data so i used a 3.5mm jack. But it will give you an idea of what you have coming if you proceed with this project. Minus the fact that you'll need to find out what the sub's power supply offers in the way of DC so you can design a circuit to provide what your phone will need.



Reply 8 years ago

OK, thanks for answering my question and yeah apart from wiring up car stereos and and amps and so forth i have no idea about anything else.
that project that you did is way out of my league.
i think ill just keep plugging in my charger in the wall!!