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can i buy a usb wifi reciver and use it on my laptop that already has wifi then unplug and use the laptops wifi? Answered

i need help i want to use this for to get like a 1-2 km link to do a test. If it works gonna use this on my summer place to get wifi from home whit a big parabol i want to disconnect afterwards and use its internal LAN crad is this possible? Thanks for the help



4 years ago

There is nothing stopping you from using multiple network adapters one after the other or at the same time. I've used parabolic cookware to extend usb wifi dongles by kms so it all should work well. You may need to disable your internal wifi (under hardware device manager) while using the external one or if the usb dongle comes with its own software and gui you may be able to simply use both at the same time. Are you running windows/linux/osx?


Answer 4 years ago

No worries then. Let us know if you run into any issues. I would recommend using a dedicated access point with an omnidirectional antenna at your home and then simply point your wifi/parabolic dish at that. If you then want to share the connection wirelessly to any other devices at your summer place, you can enable a hostednetwork using windows 8.1 and a couple of simple commands.