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can i control motors through a dvd reader pcb? Answered

i am making something (it is for a contest so i cannot tell you what it is) it is kind of like this https://www.instructables.com/id/Poor-Mans-3D-Printer/    though i am using arduino uno 
to control the motors out of the dvd drive can i use the pcb that was in the dvd drive
(it has 40 pins)



Best Answer 4 years ago

As every one said, Sadly No, you cannot, unless you had the 44 pin version :-)

That Poor-Mans-3D-Printer uses several stackable Motor Driver Shields L293D

to drive the motors as should you.

That 40 pin IC you like, is made to track a DVD and NOT move an axis motion.


4 years ago

You can't, the connector you mean is the IDE connection and won't help you.
But any stepper motor driver / shield should do after you worked the stepping out.


4 years ago

If your only using the Drives for motion (and not as a DVD player or something) I would Directly interface with the motors themselves. Looks like thats how the author of the I'ble you posted used.

You may be able to hack into it. The IDE cable only needs 16 pins to control it, the rest are all power connections and grounds. leaving you with all of 4 extra pins on the Uno. Wich doesn't sound Promising !