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can i dye arificial flowers with fabric dye? Answered

will it work well on artificial flowers?



Best Answer 9 years ago

If your artificial flowers are made of fabric, probably. If they're made of paper, possibly. If they're made of plastic (or wood, metal, stone, porcelain, etc.), I wouldn't try it. Try a tiny dab first in an inconspicuous place on your least favorite, or least crucial, flower. A cotton swab, or a piece of paper towel twisted into a teensy little point, can be a good applicator. (Do a new test like this for each color combination (e.g., red on white fabric, red on yellow fabric, blue on white fabric, blue on yellow fabric, etc.) If it tests okay, finish the flower with fine, smooth strokes up from the bottom of the petals. Hang the flower upside down to dry, with its petal as "fluffed out" as possible. Less is more here. The dye will run, and may dry darker than it looks when wet. Remember, you can always go back and add more color; but it's darned near impossible to remove color once it's been applied. If you have a flower with lots of petals close together, like a rosebud, your best bet might be to try painting with a fine brush, working from the inside petals out. (I wouldn't expect good results from just dunking the whole blossom into a bowl of dye, but you could always try it with an extra flower and see what happens.) Note 1: Wear gloves, unless you want to dye your skin as well. Note B: Whatever you do, don't use spray paint. A friend of mine tried that once, and got roses that made crunchy sounds. :)