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can i fix a laptop battery with these? Answered

i have a powerbook 190 battery, but the batteries are all corroded and have leaked some acid. i was looking online, and i found some batteries, but i don't know the mah value of the original batteries, so i think these ones will work. it originally has 12 batteries in the pb190, so i'll be needing to get 12 of these. they will work, right?




Best Answer 9 years ago

Those batteries are meant for drop in use.  Your battery pack needs solder tab batteries so you'll have to get those and make up a pack with them.  You MUST get NiHM (nickel metal hydride).  That's what's in the pack now and that's what the computer expects.  There is not smart charger for lipo or lion batteries.

After you rebuild your pack you still have to reset the power manager in the computer.  It will still be expecting the old worn out cells that were in it and will not charge the new batteries properly if any at all.  Here's a link to tell you how to do that.  Look for direction for the 190.

I found rebuilt batteries for $85 and frankly I'd spend the money to get one prof. made instead of trying to do this myself.  You'll spend at least half that for batteries and no guarantee you'll be able to get it to all fit inside.


Answer 9 years ago

i cant find any solder tab batteries in my area, so i figured that those would work...
they are nimh batteries though. i think i might have to take apart a new laptop battery and take the nimhs from one of those, just a thought though. and you are right about ABSOLUTELY needing nimhs, lipos will actually burst into flames from getting so hot. mac originally used lipos, but since they exploded, they replaced them with nimhs, and they didn't blow up anymore.

i will do my best to remember to reset the power manager, if i forget, this post will help me remember.

yeah, i found rebuilt batteries for $90, but i dont have that kind of money, despite wanting to pay that much just to get the pb working.

the 1.2 volts are the same size as a AA, and the batteries inside the pb battery are the length of a AA, but a little wider in diameter. the batteries would actually take up less space.

thanks for the insight though.


9 years ago

Those aren't going towork. You said in a previous post that your PB used a 24 volt transformer/battery pack.  The batteries you linked to here are 1.2 volts each, giving you only a total of 14.4 volts. Almost 10 volts short.
Why don't you google batteries for your specific PB, you can find new after-market replacements for around thirty dollars.


Answer 9 years ago

my previous post was about the wall charger for the laptop