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can i get downloadble or buy all the zelda games? Answered

ok i have lengend of zelda twilight princess for wii and i was wornding if there are more for the wii or gamecube and can i download the older games?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Wii points allows you to buy some older games. and you can buy one of the original games in Gameboy advance format...


10 years ago

you can try to find 'the legend of zelda collectors edition' for the gamecube. It has the NES,and N64 games on it. It may be hard to find.

Oh yes it is nice to have :) I got it for free with my Gamecube :D (Now I feel so old, even though I'm not XD)


10 years ago

For free? Not legally no. Nothing comes free in this world. Plenty of sites with old SNES and NES roms on them though, just need the correct emulator.