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can i make anything cool out of my old sony 5 disc dvd player e.g a laser or fix a problem it has w/o buying anything? Answered

it appears to be a sony cd\dvd player model: dvp-c660. i would like to salvage the parts to make something really cool like a laser or a crazy device that will make all my friends jealous! i am not interested in having to buy anything at all and i just want to be using parts from this machine really. alternatively, the disc tray does not open when the machine is on, so if anyone has a solution for that i would appreciate it



8 years ago

Well, I don't have a solution for the tray not opening, but there are things you can do with the parts. If you're comfortable with taking it apart, you can definitely salvage the laser in the disk reader for other projects. Check out www.kipkay.com for ideas.


10 years ago

If you want to fix it, turn it on and try to eject the tray. If you hear a motor but get no love, you may have gears that are either jammed or not seated properly (which happens when you push the tray in repeatedly as opposed to using the eject button to close it; the fact that the tray retracts is to prevent jamming, but in the long run it never works in this regard). If you don't hear a motor, then it might still be jammed, but be warned that the logic controller may be toast. If it's the logic, you can check this site for all kinds of happening projects ranging from psychedelic laser shows to lasers of death that burn holes through cardboard.