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can i make cnc machine from printer epson cx3900 and cx 4300 Answered

hello evrerybody, i am new here and first i want thank all of you for all the great thing you make and present on this heaven
and i wish all the best to the team of this site to get succes which they deserve

for me i like to make defferent things and recycle everything i have to use it by other way instand to throw it away
and for my qeustion is can i make a CNC machine ( vinyl cutter or somthing other )  from printer inkjet &without arduino ?
( i have tow printers epson cx3900 and cx4300 and its both working but i dont need them ... i also have cd & dvd drives abd also floppy drives and old scaner and many other things in my stock )
if yes or no whats the easy way for the beginner to entre this domain, i have some experience in electronics and wood working and i think that i can make some works

i wish to get your advices and thanks


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