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can i power a warm water geyser with 8.10 v? Answered

am brand new to electric and electronics, i know very little. the motor (gemini gate motor) tested on a bench with a drill produces 8.10 volt. so what i need to do now is step up the volts to 13 or 14v so i can charge batteries, then build a small inverter to step it all up so i can power a geyser for warm water. in my naive state i tried to measure the amparage through the motor and s i connected it into the circuit it produced 3.5 amps so what i think i have is a 8.10v motor (peak rpm) with 3.5 amps which i have to make power a warm water geyser.



9 years ago

That gives you 28.35 watts. You might get a litre "warm" in quarter of an hour, but it would be slow going for a tank of hot water. L


Answer 9 years ago

I reckon you could get enough water for a warm shower in a day. But I don't know what you're driving the motor with? Making everything bigger will give you more power. L