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can i start my own internet biz? Answered

what do i need to get started serveing internet wireless for a radius of 5o miles as far as hardware goes



8 years ago

Actually its not that hard to do. I already have all the hardware you need.


The biggest problem you will have is with your source of internet. The more people you put on a network the more problems you will have with it slowing down. We were using a T1 line which was very expensive but in the US is also a commercial bandwidth which can be legally resold. You actually can't resell DSL although most people ignore that. We had to limit people from doing massive downloads like torrent files because even with a T1 and 2 DSL lines we could not keep up. But if you can get the bandwidth and people are willing to work withing your limitations it can be done. Our network extended quite a distance and served a lot of people. You will also need help because its almost impossible to task 2 radios together without having someone on both ends.
You didn't say what country you are in. That can make a big difference.


Answer 8 years ago


It can be done. What you need most is a pretty good-sized pile of money -- for hardware, for Internet bandwidth, for radio bandwidth... and for running the business.

You are not going to succeed in making a business out of this without deep technical understanding, either yourself or a technically-oriented partner. Making it work once is probably not hard. Keeping it going reliably enough that anyone will pay for it, and convincing them to trust you with their data, and delivering the service cheaply enough that they'll be interested (remember that you're competing against other solutions) is going to be the hard part.

Then there are all the business challenges from advertising to billing to customer support.; again, you'll need to either acquire those skills or have a partner who can provide them.

And you're competing against the many stores which now offer free WiFi to their customers, and the smart-phone connections, and most directly with the folks who are talking about installing city-wide wireless coverage and who already have all that expertise.


8 years ago

reserve a radio frequency and build a special receiver to feed internet into your modems, and thats about it, or i think you need to reserve a band on the 180.10g band or 3g band or whatever the hell its called. in australia we have 3g and 2g which are supplied by vodafone, they operate on the same frequency as does the wireless cards in laptops, though these are private bands, perhaps even dialup and so cannot be viewed without a modem.

thats it, itle cost you and youll get sued if you cant keep your hardware running, people need reliable internet, also youll need an indian call center to take your calls and answer questions like "where do i plug the usb modem into" and " does this internet package include a cat?"

unless its high speed private internet, in which case you can ignore the latter.

but i think whats most difficult is getting a massive transmitter, which may i add might cost you something like $1 an hour to operate, i think, it might not as ive seen 20 mile pc data transmitters for sale for $200 and can run on 15vdc at 600ma.

youll need to get permission to transmitt data at the required level and youll need a private band as well so it doesnt show up on everyones laptops.

essentially your encoding then boosting the internet signal of a wifi router, so that only those people you want have access. but for privacy purposes, youll need to set up the internet yourself!

alternatively, you can scatter multiple solar powerd internet routers all over the 50 mile radius so that coverage is avaliable everywhere, with each router essentially boosting the signal as it receives it.

both methods will be equally as costly, but possible.


8 years ago

Tens of millions of dollars in investment capital, lots of hardware, licensing of a wireless radio spectrum (costly), and then fight off the competition who are VERY good at lobbying to keep them as a monopoly...

Yes, you can do it.
No, its not easy.

Hardware, you need something to connect to the internet backbone at several gigabits, then bridging and switching hardware to convert the fiber optic into radio, then massive radio amplifiers and towers. Did I mention permits? Thats gonna be the 'impossible' part.