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can i tye dye with food coloring ? Answered

i will be working with some very young kids and i want to do the tye dye with food coloring will it work




9 years ago

 I have done real Tie Dye (Procion Fiber reactive Dye from Dharma Trading Company) with Pre-


and had great sucess.  I did more advance planning and advance prep-work than I usually do but it was well worth it.  We had four colors of dye and let the children choose three to use on their shirts- when finished the shirts were obviously of a set - but each one was different.

The children were well aware that they had actually made the shirts themselves and the pride they exhibited was well worth the amount of time required to make sure the children were safe and did not go home permanently dyed!  

The Pre-K's were actually easier to teach than the older kids because they didn't respond to suggestions with an automatic, "I know".  Of course it helped that they knew I was serious when I said I would have any child not being careful leave the activity.

Good luck with this!   

10 years ago

If you do it wont last very long the alternative is fiber reactive or acid but those are not really that safe for children. So there is no easy answer that I know of, hope someone else has a great idea.


Answer 10 years ago

I completely agree with this. We did this once with a bunch of kids and 1. the dye washed out in the first wash and 2. the dye stained the KIDS the first time they wore the shirts and sweated in them. I didn't realize that regular fabric dye was unsafe for kids use.