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can i use a digital photo frame display panel as a second monitor, disassembly i guess will be required? Answered

i would like to use a small 7" digital photo frame and remove the lcd panel to use as a display for a htpc case. I am not sure if it's a simple case of soldering a d-sub connector to the panel inputs, or a bit more technical?



8 years ago

It is possible with every model some would just be more difficult than others for most you would have to build a decoder which I for One have no experience doing


9 years ago

There are some 7" photo frames that can be used as secondary monitors, asus and samsung are manufacturing them. Take a look at samsung's 7" U70 tft. There are some certain limitations with this setup, ie you can't use them in dos mode, just under windows.

Joe Martin

10 years ago

No, you just can't. These things are as made as cheaply as possible and the hardware used is meant to be used for that use, It may be possible but the cost involved what cost more that a 7"" usb monitor .