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can i use pictures from the internet on an instructable? Answered

i was jsut wondering if im allowed to use pictures from the internet on an instructabl im working on.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Regardless of copyright issues, it's best that you don't if you want to get featured. Original pictures are preferred here. There are Instructables on how to illustrate for an Instructable and how to take pictures generally. If you want to refer to an image that is not your own, do it with a link. Better safe than sorry.


Answer 9 years ago

And if you make all the pictures on your own, you can make sure you exactly have the picture you need for a specific step of your instructable, rather than something like "and on the back of the XXX there is a screw you have to remove"... ;-)


9 years ago

You need to realize that many pictures on the Net are copyrighted and belong to the author of the picture(s). Take that into consideration and ask permission first before you borrow someone else work.


Answer 9 years ago

... and that a lot of them were posted by someone who didn't ask and who did NOT have permission... and who can't give you permission that's worth a darn.

(The question of whether you can link to pictures on someone else's site and "borrow" them that way is less clear, but is the sort of thing that makes lawyers rich and everyone else poor. If in doubt, don't.)