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can not get into bios on a acer extensa 4420..how do i by pass the pass word? Answered

forgot my pass word in my bios..how do i by pass it and put in a new one




7 years ago

Ok, so I had never ever responded a forum or questions like this before, but after been lock out of my acer for 2 year for doing something stupid and finding this area I can say that the way that JustFixinStuff method WORKS!! =D. I am very happy and I thank you very much, the battery thing never work for the acer since the reason I got lock out at first was because I remove the CMOS battery. finaly after so long, I just welt the G41 two triangular connection under the memory RAM and DONE!!, THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN.


9 years ago

Locate hardware gap points G41 underneath the ram and short them out anyway you can (I just soldered it together). They are two triangular copper pads that will be found underneath the translucent protective tape. While the short is established, reseat your ram and boot your system. Press F2 to enter bios settings and BAM!!! You now have access to your stolen.... er, I mean password forgotten system! Enjoy!

Joe Martin

10 years ago

You will have to open the laptop and remove the CMOS battery and switch it on to reset the BIOS to defaults. If it was a desktop computer it would of been a lot easier, However sometimes on laptops it can be very easy to get the the bios battery however I don't see acer making anything simple ;)