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can one achieve 24vdc scooter motor control using the scooters controller to arduino? Answered

as above I want to control a 24 vdc scooter motor with an arduino to utiliza all the cool stuff can be done with a MC.

I have all the parts except the throttle...hence..the predicament to birth the idea.
The control wires coming from the scooters motor control are RED/ BLACK/ GREEN/  YELLOW...easy to assume the red is V , black GND and one of the other are signal to or signal from.

My thought is these two could possibly plug into an arduino and get more than just ON / OFF to control the motor.

Any thoughts?

Can it werk?

Much Thanks!

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4 years ago

You will need a 24VDC motor controller that can handle the current draw from the motor. Then the MC can be connected to that to give the signals to run the motor. Get a controller that will run the motor off PWM inputs from the MC.

With 4 wires the motor is likely a stepper motor so one pair of wires controls one set of coils in the motor and the other pair controls another set of coils in the motor. Do a continuity test on the wires to confirm this and see what wires are paired together so you don't wire the motor to the controller wrong.


Answer 4 years ago

Thanks for the Thoughts! But I dont believe you understand my question and the details.


The control wires coming from the scooters motor control- ie the 24 v controller that came with the scooter motor-

So, going the other direction - Arduino- 2 wires (existing) to> 24v scooter motor controller to> 24vdc brushed 250 watt motor.

instead of plugging the throttle into the controller as normal...replace the throttle with an arduino...to control the controller- not as the controller...ya dig?

Much Thanks!


Answer 4 years ago

Ok so it's a 2 wire system.

It sounds like the existing controller operates off a basic on/off switch. In which case you will need a new controller that operates off a PWM input so the Arduino can tell the controller how fast to run the motor. Would be helpful to know where these items came from and maybe some pictures of the controller.