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can people give me any movie ideas? Answered

i am a rising director needing ideas i have a movie group that me and my friends started and we are looking for good movie ideas worthy enough to be in one of our short films. so people please give ideas




2 years ago

What kind of short film do you want to make? have you tried free writing as a group yet? Whenever I need project ideas for youtube videos then I set up a group chat with a few of my friends and we text whatever ideas come to our heads as fast as we can. Gradually our ideas begin to move in a general direction and narrow down to a single project. Once we've decided then I save all of the other ideas onto a word document to use for future reference. In your case, I would decide what genre and style I wanted to film and then move on from there. Good Luck!

PS: An adaptation of when Gandolf fights of the nine Nazgul on Wethertop would be pretty sweet.... if that's the sort of genre you're looking to film :-)


2 years ago

1800s - Well off man becomes successful surgeon in Maclesfield UK.

Marries pretty local lady and has 2 children

Wife dies in 3rd child birth leaving him with 2 sub 5 children and 1 baby. Largely brought up by servants.

Unable to cope with the loss of his wife he sinks into depression and takes to the bottle. abandoning his well paid profession.

3 years later he is destitute - he has lost his house and is bankrupt living in the poor house with his children.

Unable to better his position he drinks himself to death leaving the children orphans.

Scroll forward to the 1950's and his great great grandson despite a poor childhood rises above the poverty to study hard eventually through night school he also becomes a doctor - by accident he discovers his great great grandfather's story and wonders if history repeats it's self. Fortunately it doesn't and he becomes very successful.

This is actually a true story of a relative of mine. he had written a book about it.

Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

I wrote a poem called, “The Curse of the
Faceless Woman”.


There have been a number of videos made
based on the poem on you tube.

The videos by the kids are so horrible
their adorable.

I would not mind seeing a good video based on one of my poems.

Sorry about that I thought it would only put up the links.


2 years ago

You and a whole group of people can't come up with an idea??
Cannes shortfilm festival, IMDB movie database, Youtube, cinema, TV - ever hear of it ?
There are people claiming the above sources offer plenty to choose from if you need inspiration.

Someone with an idea plus someone making a film of it does not mean it equals to a movie ;)