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can sodium nitrate be used to make a cotton string fuse that will not go out after i blow out like a gun powder fuse? Answered

i will soon make soidium nitrate but a instructable said it will absorb water and become useless qquickly so im going to plan ahead, i will make it into a fuse to ignite hydrogen balloons i let into the air for fun , the methanol string fuse keeps going out and a whole hydrogen balloon takes 12 minutes to inflate, like i sqaid im planing ahead



Best Answer 9 years ago

Any oxidiser and a fuel will react, so using NaNO3 and an organic string eg cotton will work perfectly. If done correctly it should work without the need for an external oxygen source and therefore hard to blow out... Soaking the string in a NaNO3 solution will let the cotton absorb the NaNO3, then just let it dry out Hope this helps


8 years ago

if made, dried, stored airtight, and then used during the 12 minute fueling in a low humidity environment, it will be ok. If the weather is wet, dew is forming etc, then being hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture and not be useful for you intention. btw. always be careful - ASSUME you will accidentally ignite the balloon unintentionally at some point. Keep your head/face from ever being OVER the balloon (it flames upward). wear eye protection. it is NOT uncommon to accidentally bring the lighter too close - holding the balloon nub to the side helps.


Answer 8 years ago

i just got some stump remover off eebay (kno3) the sodium nitrate was scrapped after i couldnt keep it dry without coating it in wax (in which case it became usless as it was dripping flaming wax (fire hazard) i decided to use a sparkler instead as the ballon could go much higher and the sparkler would take a minute to ignite the balloon