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can someone help? Answered

when i look at an instructable, i cant see the other pictures when i click on them.
does anyone else have this problem?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 7 years ago

Yeah.  I think it is this bug here:

And I think it is a bug seen by those of us using Firefox with the Adblock addon.  Turning off Adblock temporarily may allow you to see the pictures via their thumbs, in a step, in an an 'ible.  At least that seems to work for me.

I keep seeing rumors that this bug is going to be fixed soon, but it been this way for weeks.  Erm... anyway, hope the suggested workaround,  of turning off Adblock, works for you.  If not you'll find more details at the link above, or by searching through the forums for talk of this bug.

canucksgirlJack A Lopez

Answer 7 years ago


There is also a known issue with using some other browsers. Staff is working on getting a fix for this as soon as possible. Adding your comments to the link provided (by Jack A Lopez) would be helpful (versus creating a new bug report). Make sure to note what operating system (i.e. Windows 7, Mac OS X) and browser (i.e. Firefox 9, Safari 5.1) you are using.

I've been told by staff that any updates on available fixes will also be posted to that link, so checking back there may be helpful.


7 years ago

What computer do you have? How old? Some times this happens to me with other websites. Probably something new that the computer cant load.