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can we make truck engine starter motor last long time for gokart by rewinding it? Answered

i want to use truck engine starter motor for my gokart or ebike project ? can i rewind it and modify it for long lasting



5 years ago

Short term answer is no

I was involved in a UK contest to build drag cars using car starter motors.

1. They drain a battery in moments

2. they turn very fast

3. A Starter motor is wound as a series motor, in principle the faster it goes the faster it wants to go - all the way to destruction.

4. Not worth the cost and effort to convert - Look for a 500 watt DC 24 or 36 volt motor. - Ebay is your best bet or a wreaked golf cart.


5 years ago

The starter is designed to start an IC engine and maybe once in its lifetime run a battery down.

The starter is attractive because it is very small for the speed and torque it can deliver only for a very short time !

The starter could never cool if you used it as a motor for a go-kart that might run for ten minutes or longer.

Nor is it a good candidate as far as efficiency which you want in any electric vehicle because of the excess battery weight rapidly outstrips the range.

A starter would get Red Hot in such an application and burn the insulation shorting the windings killing the machine.


5 years ago

Not worth the trouble.

A starter is made for high torque and low RPMs. You would need to do more than just rewind the coils. You would also need to replace the stator. Meaning you would have to machine new parts. Best to get a motor that is already configured for the job.