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can we record ultrasonic sounds. ? Answered

.if it so how we can.can we recieve it using microphone(ie it can be converted to electrical energy ah



8 years ago

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish, you could divide the original frequency (circuit is called a frequency divider -- just Google 'frequency divider circuit') to change 40 kHz to a 10 kHz tone, for example. When you want to play it back, use a (you guessed it -- a frequency multiplier) to change the 10 kHz tone back to 40 kHz.

Next, you'll probably want to convert the audio signal to a digital signal. This is basically what happens when you record a musical instrument, then burn the recording on to a CD.

Since most of the cheaper circuits you'll find are for digital applications, and sound is an analog signal, there may be some modification of your original signal. Test it with audio tones you can hear to determine reproduction accuracy.


10 years ago

. Most consumer equipment is designed to reject U/S. What are you wanting to record to? Magnetic tape? Computer? . If you are wanting to make digital recordings, ALL consumer equipment I have have seen cuts off at ~22Kc or less.


Answer 10 years ago

. BTW, Kc = kilo-cycles = KHz. Sorry about that.