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can i use s1g4 processor on socket s1g3 ? Answered

i want to upgrade my laptop to champlain processor

 my laptop is ACER Aspire 4540 :
AMD Turion II x2 M520
ATI Radeon HD 4200
RAM DDR2 3gb



Best Answer 8 years ago

Websearch? First hit I found said "no", but I haven't investigated the details.


8 years ago

A tad bit late for your answer but maybe future readers can use, your answer is NO, - S1G4's use ddr3 (more expensive and different pinouts- wont fit in the ddr2 slot) and why would you want to. The processors are anywhere from 1-200$ more and the and the S1G3 are faster (at the time of this writing) anyway. Realistically it would be easier and cheaper to buy a new bottom of the line W/ G4 processor and upgrade yourself. I'm guessing you have an 880 or 860 chipset in there, you got a large selection of (caspian) processors to choose from. check here