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PLEASE HELP guide me on how to fix my xbox 360 disc drive Answered

A few months i changed the disc drive in my xbox360.Everything was great, it played all the games ect. Until last month, when i saw an article on the xbox magazine#127 that picked my curiosity. I bought the magazine went home and put the xbox game disc in. At first it read;"" Update In Progress. Applying Update"".  10 seconds later, it read: ""System Update Failed.   Status Code; 22FB-335A-B800-0402-C000-0001"" Since then, every time i turn it on it says the same thing and freezes on that screen I went online and over the phone with xbox and the answer i got was to "buy an other one" If someone can help me, i have the 360 open and ready to be worked on. Thank you very much to all!   pourtoujours@live.ca


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