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can you help identify kite parts Answered

I wondered if anyone could help me identify some kite parts. 

I won a huge lot at the local auctions including literally thousands of kite making parts. (I have a lot more not imaged here)
Unfortunately, I have little experience with kites and the scale of the volume I have acquired is a little daunting. So I thought I would ask the experts for help :)

So far I think I have managed to identify the following:

22,000 4mm end caps
6,000 3mm spar/eap
1500 i think small douge (the yellow things that look a bit like bullet casings .. they could also be end caps but i am completely without a clue on this one)

500 rubber bands
6,000 5mm end caps
3,000 6mm end caps
8,000 3mm rubber gromets
Tones of name tags

I know there are a number of notched end caps
I think the curved bits of plastic were 3 rods can attached are called dihedrals.

65 kites

The fabric parts of around 10 large kites made by greens of Burnley (a lot of them branded as the pioneer range) I haven't measured but im guessing around 9ft across

I think the lot originally came from Greens of Burnley who are no longer trading but I have found their archived site https://web.archive.org/web/20060818054031/http://www.greenskites.com/spares.asp

If you could help by identifying some of the parts/ what the pioneer range of kites is possibly a place where I can sell some of the kit (there's far to much for me to work with here) I would be relly grateful :)

PS ill put up more photo's if anyone is interested. 

PPS I have just found some info on the Greens of Burnley kites http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Vintage-CODY-War-Kite-1-GREENS-KITES-Greens-of-Burnley-Large-Frame-Box-/401079737121

PPPS I found the original image I think I have a few boxers from the range. http://www.kitelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Kite-Lines-v7-3.pdf




2 years ago

Can only go from my use of the parts I know:

1. Image: Endcaps to be glued into carbon fibre rods for protection, mainly used on rods that are not connected otherwise.
2. Image: Stop rings. I used them where I did not want to use glue (adjustment possible) like when building a new kite.
3. Image: No clue, never used them.
6. Image: Sliding mount. Used to mount swivels when fishing and sometime for box kites to make assemble easier.
Last 4 are various joiners and caps.
The cross one for centre rods to form a cross, the rubber ones are stoppers for the ends of rods when they rest on the fabric - protects both rod and fabric.
The last is a nothed endcap used to attach a line through the notch so you get enough tension on the fabric, I use them on my big one to have some support rods removable and to be able to assemble the thing much faster.

I guess Kiteman will be answer to all the rest you might want to know....

Just did a few kites of all sizes and sorts in my early years ;)
I really liked the notched pieces for the bigger kites, push rod in, pull rubber band over, done.

I have little experience but It would be a bit silly not to play with a 9ft kite or two whilst I have them. I think I'm going to have to join a kiteing club to really see what it is I have. There is just so much of it. its a bit intimidating

If you have no experience it would be best to start small or seek advise/training in a dedicated club.
Someone with good knowledge and a few kites will do as well ;)
The biggest delta I had so far was 4.1m wide and 2.8m from the ground to the tip when standing upright.
But I sold it after about a year as it was just a little too big to fly anwhere with people, animals or other kites around.
Had 70m of line and the usual flying day on a dedicated kite field would go like this.
Waste an hour setting all up and clearing the launch are from spectators.
Fly a few minutes and then listen for the rest of the day to people complaining that I cut their kite line(s) with mine.
My usual response was: If you are dumb enough to launch yours right under mine then don't expect me to land....

I think joining a club is definitely a good idea. (a lot of the items I have will be finding their way onto ebay soon as its far to much for just me in a lifetime)


2 years ago

1. Look like end-caps to go over sharp spars.

2. Slide very snugly onto spars to stop other things sliding along them.

3. End-caps that slot into grommets in sail fabric or loops in string.

4. An address tag. Not really part of a kite, but some people put such tags on their kites and kite-bags in case of losses in high winds.

5. Some sort of rubber band.

6. Crossover - a spar will go in each end, and a third will pass through the loop.

7. Strong rubber bands - you can use them to tie spars at odd angles, or to keep tension in a structural line.

8. No idea.

9. Another crossover. Probably stiffer than #6, and maybe another spar will go in from the direction that is "bottom" in the photo. (Yes, crossovers can be used to form a dihedral angle in the kite, but you might be better to use a dedicated fitting, such as http://intothewind.com/dihedral-fittings-for-kite...)

10. Butt-joint. A main spar goes right through the small hole, and then the end of a short spar pushes into the long part. Should feel slightly flexible & rubbery.

11. More end-caps, for different thicknesses of spar.

12. Nocks - like the back end of an arrow, a structural line will pass over the end of a spar in these.


Reply 2 years ago

Some my older kites did not use and solid connector at all.
Makes it a bit weird as a first look but the benefits are there.
Especially if someone with less experience tries to fly your kite LOL
With flexible mounts and rubber bands holding the rods in you always have a chance to avoid a total break of the carbon rods.


2 years ago

You should definitely send a message to Kiteman. Maybe you can also put some kits together for Scouts or school activities. Good luck.

That's a damn good idea, I work with a scout leader.
I think I sent a message to Kiteman earlier. I thought if anyone knows about kites it's a man who uses the name kite in his name.
(it's possible that I didn't send the message ... I'm a bit ill at the moment and have found it a bit difficult to concentrate)

world of woodcraftKiteman

Reply 2 years ago

Lol don't worry about it. For the last 2 weeks I have been a pile of disease.
Looking at the kites and parts I have its just a small mountin, not the sort of thing I should have been trying to rap my brain around when I couldnt legitimatly watch a full tv show without spaceing out.