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can you help me build a jet engine? Answered

i want to build a jet engine and i want you to help me



Best Answer 9 years ago

First of all, it depends on what kind of jet engine you want. I'm pretty sure that valveless pulse jets are the easiest to make though.


8 years ago

guys! can u help me! i goona build astrong real working jet engine wid out turbo car compressor how can i doo it in a easy way!? please help me or give an advice! my plan is to make housing out of steel thermos! but i dont know how to make the interior shaft? wid propellers and retainers


9 years ago

The best way is to get yourself a truck turbocharger and then base your engine on that. There's loads of plans for turbo-based jet engines on the internet. I built one myself which powered a go-kart. It ran on propane gas. You'll need to do a fair bit of fabrication, most of which will be the combustion chamber and flame tube assembly. Mine worked, but I wouldn't build one again - it used two years and a lot of cash getting it to work properly. Next time, if there IS a next time, I'll buy an out-of-hours REAL aircraft engine. These can be bought for around the same money as I must have spent in total, and it will work properly in the end. These regularly appear for sale on Ebay.