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can you make werewolf or dragon potin? Answered

can you make a potin that transforms you into a werewolf or dragon cauce i want to become werewolf or dragon mostly a dragon ive tried spells  magic even gene trans plants but nothing



Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

I'm going to guess that this falls under the rubric of superhuman powers, i.e this desire of  yours to become more wolflike, or dragonlike.

First let me say self-improvement is a noble goal, and that if you can actually figure out a way to better yourself that actually works, or appears to work, then you can write a book on the subject, and/or maybe even get your own daytime talk show.  You've probably heard of Tony Robbins, or maybe even totally oldschool like Dale Carnegie,and his book How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Even hacks like "Doctor" Phil and Oprah Winfrey - they're essentially in the self-help business too.  That's what every show is about in some way.  The guests are either complete losers with mental, emotional, behavioral problems, and the story of how these losers are getting help,and or failing to get help, or on the other extreme its super-achieving, terminally enthusiastic go-getters, like that Tony Robbins guy I mentioned earlier, or whatshisname... Lonnie Johnson, inventor of high-tech batteries, and also the Super Soaker(r).  Anyway, they trot these people out on the talk shows, and all the losers in TV-land gawk in amazement, wondering how they themselves could possibly be that cool.

Well the answer to that question, of "How does one become successful, at anything?", has a lot to do with intense study and training, in the field one wants to be good at. Unfortunately you won't get a lot of training and personal improvement done from watching TV, and that's really the cruel irony of watching TV. It's not really empowering.  It's just makes you wish for the kind of life that you're probably not going to achieve, unless you get off your ass and do something besides watching TV.

Back to your goal of transforming into a werewolf or dragon, as I was saying before, that's really superhuman, superhero, supernatural type stuff, and for that the only guidance I can give you is this:  Look to the existing folklore and ask yourself:

How do superheroes (or supervillians) get their superpowers anyway?

And to answer that question I'm going to point you tvtropes.com

Now, you remember me telling you TV is garbage,  just a few paragraphs ago.  That's still true.  Yet, don't be confused by the fact that now I'm linking to a site that does nothing but worship TV and movies, and video games, and other fiction, because I'm doing it to prove a point.

My point is the magic potion you seek, in order to transform into a werewolf or vampire, I think that most closely resembles the Freak Lab Accident trope, linked above.  You know stuff like spilling chemicals on yourself (The Flash), or being exposed to a super-high dose of Cosmic Rays (Fantastic Four), Gamma Rays (Incredible Hulk),  Intrinsic Field Subtractor (Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen Universe), etc, etc.

Now here's the really important part, the lesson to take home is this:  Often the reason why the Freak Accident actually succeeded was because of something rare in the character of the person who undergoes this accident.  A good example of this is John Osterman's transformation into Dr. Manhattan.  His body was torn apart at the sub-atomic level, yet somehow he was able survive this, in some form, and more importantly able to put himself back together, in some other form, which of course became Dr. Manhattan.  How was he able to do this? The answer lies in his pre-existing character: he was a super-smart physicist versed in the minutia of intrinsic field theory, AND because he spent some time in his Dad's workshop taking apart complicated things like clocks and watches AND putting them back together again.

As another example consider the latest incarnation of the  Captain America story.  The Freak Lab Accident, which is kind of intentional lab accident  actually, is some super-serum plus "vita-rays".  Note the importance of the initial character of the subject,  in the outcome of the mad lab experiment.  Because Chris Evans was basically a good guy, the serum amplified his goodness, resulting in a super-good-guy superhero, i.e. Captain America.  In contrast, that ambitious, evil prick Schmidt,  got his evilness super amplified by the same serum, turning him into the super-evil, super-villain Red Skull.

Do you see where I'm going with this here?  If you want to have a Freak Lab Accident give you super-powers you kinda have to something inside first.  You have to bring something to the table.  Seriously.  The Universe doesn't just give away superpowers for free.  You have do your homework.  And that might mean you have to devote additional study to the subject of werewolves and dragons... Or it might mean you should spend more time on your literal homework, you know from school.  I mean honestly, try taking an interest in something real instead of this reptillian conspriacy dragon nonsense?  I mean really what "doing your homework" means is up to you.

And while I'm on the preachy subject of study hard, stay in school, etc, this just naturally lead to the preach topic of 'Just Say No to Drugs'.  

To a lot of people reading this, your interest in a "potin" [your word, dude], a synonym for "potion", this naturally sets of alarms about the dangers of Drugs.  After all, that's what drugs are. They're  kind of the closest thing Real Life offers to the transformative magic potions described in folklore.  But you know, Drugs are bad! M'kay?  The vid linked below, made from an Eminem track, I think is a good summary.    This video has pictures of  crack-smoking squirrels, and unattractive naked people in it.  Yet in spite of this, I think its worth sharing with the rest of the class here at Instructables. Not sure if its anti-drug or pro-drug, or just kinda effd up and in-between? In any case, share and enjoy!

On a more serious note, Drugs really are sort of like the real life version of a Freak Lab Accident.  The vast majority of people who get into recreational drugs, and maybe the prescription kind too, are not vastly improved by the transformation.  A lot of people are killed, or have their lives ruined.  Although arguably a lot of those people were arguably losers, or weak in character, flawed to begin with.  Again that's going back to the Freak Lab Accident accident analogy, concerning the core character of the lab subject.  Is he or she mentally strong to begin with?  Just "couldn't handle it" as they say.  But who are the they in the cliche as they say?  Of course  it's hard to generalize, and its better to look specifically at the kind of drugs involved.    E.g. methamphetamine  is a lot worse for you than say caffiene. Um... all I'm saying is for every one brilliant writer like Hunter S. Thompson, there are a million couch potato losers whose highest ambition is to spend the weekend smoking bowls and leveling up on the latest Sony Playstation(r) video-crack. 

But enough of this internet question-answering nonsense, I need another beer...


7 years ago

Which genes did you transplant? Clearly not the spelchek gene. I find that the longer I go without drinking too much liquor, or ingesting dangerous amounts of street drugs, the more dragonfly I feel. Clearly though, you might have an issue with that. Also what spells have you tried? Try finding another dragon, and cast mirror mania!


Answer 7 years ago

I feel more Bee-like when I ingest large amounts of caffeine (usually coffee), but no dragon or wolf maladies...

Good call on the spelchek gene.... lol


7 years ago

I guess you meant to say "Potion" and I'm afraid the answer is No.

Gene transplants.... interesting... and your spells didn't work? that's unfortunate.

Good luck with that though.