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can you pin your tutorials on pinterest? If so how do you do it? Answered

Is it possible to pin your step by step tutorials on Pinterest?  If so how do you do it?


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7 years ago

Are you trying to put the whole tutorial (multiple photos) on there or just one photo that links back to your tutorial?

If you are doing just a single photo and already have their bookmarklet tool installed, you can just pin from your step by step and choose which photo you want to accompany your pin. If you want to pin directly from Pinterest you can copy the url of your tutorial and upload it using the Add From Website tool that is under the Plus sign next to your user name and picture.

If you want to have multiple photos, you will either have to combine them into one long photo or use an third party resource like Pin Them All.

Hope that helps!

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Answer 7 years ago

Thank you. I will check out the bookmarklet tool.