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can you really make night vision headgear with just Congo blue and primary gel sheets and a handful of IR leds ? Answered

I have seen this on the net quite a few times but I have my doubts, would it be as good as using camcorder viewfinders and IR leds



7 years ago

Nope, but I recently built REAL night vision goggles fairly cheap.


8 years ago


The filters just make it so you can see the low levels of near infrared present when theres a natural light source -- it does not AMPLIFY anything, it just removes the normally blindingly bright 'average' visible light we usually see..
IR leds illuminate in the mostly/fully invisible range and cannot be perceived by your eyes whether you wear the filter or not. (*some ir leds produce a faint visible near-red glow, but if you can see it, it's not 'night vision', its just a flashlight)

The only way to detect invisible frequencies is to use a sensor such as a camera to detect, amplify, and re-project those images into your eyes -- hence the viewfinder trick.