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cannot open the Internet site operation aborted Answered

For as long as I can remember now, I get this error box occasionally when navigating between pages (or project steps) on instructables.com

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site [url of page] - Operation aborted

you can see the page for a second, but then it goes away - I have to completely quit the browser then go back to get rid of it.

It only happens on instructables.com, every other site I visit is fine. I know someone will suggest not using IE, but that's not realistic for me.

This seems to shed some light on the problem, perhaps a developer could look into it...


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12 years ago

OK I took a look at that link (thanks so much for doing that research, that was super helpful). It looks like we could do some work to get around this IE bug, and a lot of our users are on IE. It's on the list!


Reply 11 years ago

happening to me today alot so I did a search and found this. I guess it was low on their list if rachel's reply was 11 months ago.