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car speakers troubleshoot Answered

Ok, so my back speakers of my car aren't working properly... they were working good for a while but aren't as of today... I brought both of them inside and connected them to a household stereo and they both work perfectly in that scenario but one works a lot better than the other in the car. speaker A works well when it is place on either the driver side or the passenger side, speaker B sounds weak and tinny when on either the driver side or the passenger side... Please help me out, i've been racking my brain trying to figure out why they arent working correctly in my car when they play perfectly in my house... and they are car speakers not house speakers



10 years ago

I don't know, but I'd be careful only attaching one at a time. For the little time I read up on amplifiers (I was interested in tubes) I think that you might be messing with the impedences, 2 four ohm speakers in parallel is 2 ohms, but when you only have one it's 4.


Reply 10 years ago

except they worked well for a while together... wouldnt that suggest they would be weaker from the start?