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car stereo Answered

can a car stereo (headunit) b powered with an xbox power brick without an amplifier? if so how do you wire it up, i can get the power light on on the head unit but it will not switch on, anybodys help would be appreciated



8 years ago

You can get the wiring diagrams from the stereo manufacturer's website most of the time. Alternatively sometimes they print on the wires themselves where they go.
if it is a car manufacturer(ie Ford Nissan, etc.)make sure there is no radio removal lockout. by Googleing like NachoMahma says
put a 15 amp Fuse on the power feed going to your radio.
and verify the polarity with a multimeter.
I don't think the Power Brick can handle muck ,ore than that
the Constant voltage (usually RED-black stripe)
and ACC voltage (usually RED) as well as your power supply need to be spliced together
the negative should be spliced (usually Black)or connected directly to the chassis of the receiver
hope this helps.


Reply 8 years ago

i have a wirring diagram on the radio itself, and i can get the power light on the headunit on, put the unit itself wont switch on

from what the diagram says, red is power, yellow is fused and 12v+ and memory, and black is GND im assuming thats the earth?

what cables connect were to the power unit, i have 1 red, 1 blue and 3 yellow and 3 black cables?

the power units output is 12V - 16.5A, 5Vsb------1A

is it sufficient enough to power the radio?


8 years ago

.  You need 13-14 volts at (rated watts times 1.5-2*). If the brick matches those specs, it should work.
.  You probably need a B+ (always hot) and a "car is on" input. If you plan on leaving the unit on while the brick is plugged in you can jumper the two together.
.  You should be able to find a wiring diagram online. Google is your friend.

*Eg, if your stereo is rated for 10 W, you want at least a 15 W brick. "Too many" watts is OK.