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ceiling fan wind turbine Answered

I am in the middle of building a ceiling fan generator/wind turbine.  I know that the electric current produced is AC (I think it's 3 phase...it has 3 wires coming out of the fan). I do not know electricity that well, and am learning as I go... I would like to use the wind turbine to drive a small garden water fountain pump that is 120 volts.  What do I need electrically to complete building this wind turbine? Does anybody have any suggestions on resources on how to connect such a device electrically?  (Do i need a diode, rectifier, ???)  Does the voltage produced by spinning the generator have to equal the volts required by the device ( small water pump)?  Thank you for any and all help as I'm trying to learn and hopefully complete this wind turbine by summer.


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6 years ago

There are different types of fans, in most cases with 3 input wires and one common ground to give 3 different speeds.

You should check for that first.

The bearings are usually not really suited for the application either and might have to replace them.

An alternative would be the motor of a washing machine, some types use a flat and big magnetic motor, the coils are stationary and the magnet ring spins around them.

3-Phase but only need one off them, for more power you can rewire them to single phase use.

Good thing about them is that you basically only need to make a waterproof enclosere, like a hood and connect the blades to the axle.

Proper mounts are on the motor to screw it on a plate or some bars, where for the ceiling fan you have the problem of attaching it in the horizontal position.
Wouldn't it be easier to attach a mechanical pump to the driveshaft of a wind turbine like in the old days?
If you don't have a suitable 90° gear reduction at hand the driveshaft of an old lawn trimmer works well to make the connection between turbine and pump driveshaft.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks Downunder for your reply. I have much to learn...but this is more or less an experimental project, so I'm not too worried at this stage about wearing out bearings or things like that...although I have decided on a vertical blade design since the generator will be a ceiling fan and they are designed for vertical positioning. I will look into the washing machine motor as my second wind turbine experiment...once I finish the ceiling fan generator. I appreciate your comments and always welcome constructive criticism or advise. Thanks again.


Reply 5 years ago

There are a number of youtube videos that show you the steps to rewire the ceiling fan motor to put power out.

I made a small wind generator with an old alternator from from the junk yard I took out of a truck. Still need to make a waterproof container but doing it this way I was able to charge a 12volt battery. To light the inside of my shed, ran the power to a fuse block connected some Lights out of a camper. Not a lot of light but hey it works.