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chainmaile aspect ratio Answered

First of all , I welcome all . I fell in love with chainmail . I love its simple complexity , its beauty . I respect the time it takes to create a piece of jewelry . I made a couple of bracelets and necklaces for my kids and for my wife.
I had no idea about the aspect ratio , or how a pattern should be loose or tight. Once the AR is firmly determined and once in range . I'm having fun , but I would like to know what your AR experience with certain patterns.

Anybody willing to share some wisdom?

DP ( Croatia )



22 days ago

I have added some common mm sized rings to the chart. Not all of the mm sized rings have an inch equivalent so I have added them in where needed. I run into tutorials all the time that call for a 5.0 mm ID ring but my chart doesn't show that so I have to guess what size ring to use or keep calculating what the AR is based on different gauges.


3 months ago

I just learned about chain maille jewelry... Wow it looks amazing!