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chainmaille hood from pop tabs? Answered

Has anyone made a chainmaille hood from pop tabs???
I'm making a long sleeve shirt for my son & wanted to make
him a hood piece.but i cant think of how to do it.




Best Answer 10 years ago

Buy a styrofoam wig stand.  Pad it out to the size of his head with towels or something.

Now just build the hood around that.  You'll have to figure out how to make it the shape by adding links and subtracting links.  It's just like making a tube but you're going to shape it to fit by altering the number of links in each row.

Make some kind of closure at the neck so the he puts it on and laces it up the neck like lacing a shoe.

Optional:  Buy a head cover something like the "Nomex" head sock that firepersons wear under their helmet.   Then he can wear that under the hood to give it that finished look.  Also slightly futuristic look.


10 years ago

Well, here's how to make chainmaille from pop tabs. Try buying a pattern for a shirt from a fabric store and making all the pieces from chainmaille, and "sewing" them together with small zip-ties.