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change old traffic signal to LED and house circuit? Answered

the light is a single 3 light signal. Want to rewire to LED with a variety of light possibilities and be able to plug into house current.


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11 years ago

If they have coloured filters, then using high-power (luxeon) leds at about 1-5 watts each would work for each bulb...You can also get luxeons in the exact colour of each light (green, amber, and red).

Driving the circuit from mains is tough, but you can either build a circuit, or buy one. Dealextreme.com has a 3 watt mains circuit you could use for about 3 bucks (shipping inc) http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.917~search.led%20driver

"Bowdens hobby circuits" has a neat circuit to hook up a decade counter to make it work like a real traffic light...red count 4, green count 4, then yellow count 2, then loop.