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charging and discharging lipo and lead acid batteries in series/parrallel Answered

is it possible to charge a lead acid battery and a lipo battery of the same voltage but a different amperage in parallel , and discharge them in series , without one of them blowing up or being damaged?
i want to charge a battery pack in series with a 12v charger , and run a 24v dc motor with them...



8 years ago

Don't mix batteries, and especially don't mix very different types.



8 years ago

Lead acid batteries are pretty tolerant of charging in all sorts of ways but LIPOs are touchy beasts and Very Bad Things can happen if they don't like what you're doing to them.  They have very specific charging needs, firstly constant current up to a certain point then constant voltage for the last bit.
Safest to stick just to lead/acid if you can but if you use LIPO, use a dedicated charger for them.


8 years ago

Not really. They use different charge methodologies.