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charging batteries with 240V? Answered

i was thinking, wall transformers only transform so much energy(70-90%?) the rest goes off into heat.
so, wouldnt it be better to charge 160 AA batteries at the same time in serial (thus making 240V) directly off the wart?
i know this is just theory, since its not practical, not managable or anything, but i just wondered if it could be done.
would this solve the energy loss from heating the transformator up?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Won't work, I'm afraid. At best you'll wind up undercharging some batteries while overcharging others, possibly to dangerous levels (as in overheat and explode).

If you want to eliminate the transformer, investigate switching power supplies.

But for safety reasons, many consumer applications want an isolation transformer anyway, so they might as well make it a step-down transformer.


Answer 10 years ago

to bad :D
wasnt planning on making it anyway, just curious bout the theory.
well, ty for the answer:)