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chasing led light circuit Answered

 I would like to make a set of chasing LED's, something small and portable. My son wants to be a ghostbuster for halloween and I would like to put chasing LED's on the proton pack.



Reply 8 years ago

I did search for it and found several circuit, I just posted because the last time I posted I got some really good Ideas other then what I had already found, just trying to get a few more choices.

thanks for the input.


8 years ago

For most of my projects, I just hack one of those dollar store bicycle emergency flasher lights. They are self contained units that use 2 AA batteries, has 5 leds that can blink in different patterns including chase, an on off switch, battery compartment and red bezel. Just hack it to extend the switch or LEDs. It has some proprietary all-in-one chip but it makes it so easy to adapt for other uses so you don't have to fool around with electronics as much. There are probably one and two or three LED versions out there. Cheap enough to use to great effect. Good luck.