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chemicals Answered

anyone kno where i can find solidox,potassium chlorate,400-600 mesh aluminum powder or any other kind ,potassium perchlorate, 223 casings, mercury fulminate powder, or a non-electrical blasting cap. it would be really helpful if you could tell me where to find these besides online


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11 years ago

ok first of all, you can get solidox at k-mart for welding. K chlorate you would have to buy online unless you want to make some via electroylesis, AL powder you can mill with a ball mill or improvised like mine, its a rock tumbler that i put steel slingshot ammo in and aluminum foil, and for perchlorate you have to buy online or use an electroylesis cell, look up online. .223 shouldnt be that hard unless your a city boy. and trust me there is no site online you buy mercury fulminate, you have to make it, very dangerous, id recommend HMTD. you cant buy blasting caps unless you have a permit for mining and i dont think you have one. do your research before making the flash or caps.