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how do i get more range out of my classic army m4 (or M15a4) Answered

Ok, so i have a Classic army M4, and i´ve had NO problems with internals, but i did switch out one of the body recievers (for a JG plastic upper reciever) because i didnt like the way the original one slid to field-strip. now I´d like to get a little more power/ range (ROF is already insane), other than that, does anyone have any advice?



Best Answer 8 years ago

This is a dumb answer: Adjust the hop up ;) Not so dumb: get a tightbore barrel, it'll give you a wee bit more range and improved accuracy. Buying a bigger battery is another option.

thanks for the answer, and THANK YOU for the tight bore advice. not only is my m4 able to shoot far enough to snipe (added a lot more range than just a wee bit), but it is dead accurate. i knew tight bores made it accurate and raised FPS, but i never expected that much range.


8 years ago

for more accuracy you can use heavier bbs too