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clay or wooden compressed air canister Answered

had the idea but don't know if it will work
don't know if clay would hold the pressure
it would be used to hold compressed air for mechanical uses to power primitive machines
also if it would work what do you think the psi rating would be
if not wood or clay what other primitive material do you think i could use



4 years ago

1) Scary

2) If you try this, put it behind a blast proof shield.

3) If you try this, please post video. Could be some scary entertainment.

PSI rating? mmm. maybe 3 psi.


4 years ago

Clay? For pressurized air? No, just no.

Untreated, i.e. without a air tight coating the air will just evaporated through the clay. Wil a coating, the clay will not be strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Wood? Same problem. Both materials don't have the tensile strength to withstand the pressure. You may get away by wrapping the container in e.g. duct tape. But hey, I would not like to stand beside a DIY pressure container that goes BOOM!

Get an industrially made pressure container. Anything else is a disaster waiting to happen.