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coil gun......help please ? Answered

Ok so i am in the middle of making a coil gun i am using a disposable camera flash circuit at the charger for the capacitors an i can get it to work but i dont think i did it right for the reason it being the projectile comes out of the tube slowly and or sometimes flys back at me.... if anyone has some answers it would be a great help or even a whole new idea would be awesome to.... i love learning new things




8 years ago

your solenoid should be the same length as the projectile. so make it so. also, put the tip of the projectile flush with the start of the coil.
you might not have enough power. if you're using flash circuits (hey, so is everyone else) go to a 1-hour photo kiosk at a drug store and ask for their used disposables. repeat weekly. wire the capacitors together like this: pair them up. for every two capacitors, wire them in paralell (+ to + - to -) take a wire from the negative side, attatch it to the positive of the next pair. (pairs in paralell, the system goes in series it's what i'm using right now)
make sure you have a multimeter attached to the circuit. (12 usd at any hardware store.)
keep the capacitors under a container. if they pop, it's bad news.
HVwiki has a huge article on the difficulties you'll come across.
keep me posted


8 years ago

First and foremost...

Do not stand near a coilgun when you fire it, at least not while developing it. it is a major safety hazard.

It sounds like you don't have enough power for the projectile you're attempting to fire. I'd consider reducing the size of your projectile and guide (tube, rail etc.)

As far as the projectile going backwards...I'm not sure I can answer that without some *real thought, especially if it only happens sometimes.